720-Signature Split-Sole

• Little way stitched, split leather sole
• Full grain leather upper
• Leather stacked heel
• Tap attachment available

Fitting Information: Women street shoe size to 1⁄2 size larger, Men 1.5- 2 sizes larger than street shoe size

Color           Style           Size                      Width

Black       720BM     12.5Ch-2.5Ch        Medium
Black       720B         4L-14L                    Medium
Black       721BM*   12.5Ch-2.5Ch        Medium
Black       721B*       4L-10L                    Medium
Tan          720TM      12.5Ch- 2.5Ch       Medium
Tan          720T          4L-12L                    Medium
Tan          721TM*    12.5Ch-2.5Ch        Medium
Tan          721T*        4L-10L                    Medium
White      720WM     12.5Ch-2.5Ch         Medium
White      720W         4L-12L,13L,14L        Medium

*Includes Tele Tone® taps and rubber

    Black   Tan     White